Chocolate Collection

Author : Franz Ziegler

Pages : 550 pages
Dimension : 21,5 x 27,5 cm
Languages : german/english

Book signed by Franz Ziegler.


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The 20 years of Franz Ziegler’s work with chocolate is represented here at CHOCOLATE COLLECTION. With more than 200 figures it is the largest collection of this kind of “art” that has been published to date. This book is not just a treasure trove of ideas for both instructors and confectioners; it is also a compendium of Franz Ziegler’s work.

The book comprises three main parts: the largest part is of the new creations, then the best of „Chocolate Fantasy“ and last but not least the best of „Magic Chocolate“. A chapter on the various techniques used completes the book, making it a must for everybody who works with chocolate.

Cookbook_AwardGourmand World Cookbook Awards:
2. Best Chocolate Book in the World

gad-goldmedailleGastronomische Akademie Deutschland GAD:
gold medal


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