Frozen Desserts

Author : Francisco J. Migoya

Pages : 471 Pages
Dimension : 21,5 x 27,5 cm
Languages : german


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Francisco Migoya, a lecturer at the Culinary Institute of America, wrote the book “Frozen Desserts” a modern standard work for the patisserie. In an understandable way he writes about ingredients, theory, technique and recipes and explains how these desserts can be prepared by classical and modern methods. Heart of the book are 200 delicious, innovative desserts, dessert and entremets that of stracciatella ice in the Schokoladenbox about yuzu sorbet cotton candy to frozen hazelnut parfait with hazelnut mascarpone cake-rich – the whole spectrum of modern, frozen desserts! “Frozen desserts” explains how to create recipes for ice creams, sorbets and iced drinks, and describes how granita, parfait, sorbet, ice cream bombe, SOUFF, mousse and much more is produced, supplemented by tips for avoiding errors and advice on storage and service questions. A comprehensive reference work of a master of his craft.